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The Westbury Senior Living Plant Operations Allows No Slip Ups With Building Safety


Building Safety Month takes place in May every year and is internationally recognized for raising awareness in keeping buildings safe. 


This initiative unites industries, associations, academia, and government under a common goal to protect the public by creating a safe and resilient environment. Our primary focus as the Plant Operations Team at The Westbury Senior Living Columbia, MO is keeping our residents, visitors, and staff safe.


There are many tasks to be performed to safeguard our community. I am always reminding staff to put things back away when finished using it, like signs, mops, and brooms. Leaving items out is a safety hazard. Trash and cardboard are removed from halls quickly. Training is an important part of my team’s routine, including a monthly fire drill. This drill involves both residents and staff.


As Plant Operations Director I am responsible for building maintenance and the safety of residents and staff. By keeping my eyes open for safety issues and correcting things as I see them, we continue to have a safe living and working environment at The Westbury.


I also practice building safety at home by being organized and not taking shortcuts. I always pick up and clean as I go. It is always safer when you don’t leave things out to trip over.

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